Who We Are and What We Love to Do

Financial coach Cameron and personal trainer/nutrition coach Štěpi doing what we love: playing music together and connecting with people

Hey! This is us, the co-founders of Hi Focus Life, Štěpi (Shtye-pay) (left) and Cameron (right). You can see us playing in the Czech Republic where she is from while I (Cam) was visiting. We just got married in March 2024 after she immigrated to the US! We decided to start Hi Focus Life together in August 2023 for two reasons: To live our dreams by doing what we love, and to personally connect with and help people. Read the amazing story of how we met in our blog Living in Focus!

What We Love to Do

We love to see people improving their lives and living out their potential. We want to help people develop their whole lives instead of just working on one part, and you’ll see how we do that a bit further below. She and I have different specialties, but our heart is the same: To equip people to live out their full potential.

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To empower people to live out their full potential.

Creating mentally and physically strong people who live focused lives and build strong families.

Core Values


Taking God-ordained time to recharge your body, mind, and spirit, so you can enjoy life.


The driving motivation of your life. Without a strong “Why,” you will never do anything great.

Original Day Planners

HFL’s first division that launched the company. We make high-quality, refillable planners with beautiful linen paper that can be monogrammed and customized any way you want. We know that living out each day to its fullest potential requires intentional effort, and we were unable to plan our unique schedule with other planners. That’s why we made something better. Check out all the details and order one today here.

Financial Coaching

Do you notice how almost everyone struggles just to make it through each month? We help people with that. Financial coaching is a simple but powerful process that follows 3 basic steps: 1, get a free consultation where you get to know your coach and your coach understands you and your unique life; 2, meet regularly (usually every 2-4 weeks) to set goals, get the education and hope you need to hit those goals, and monitor your progress toward financial freedom; 3, you switch to meeting every 6-12 months now that you’re able to stand on your own and you’re making significant progress toward your goals.

Financial coaching is for people at all financial levels and is not the same as financial advising. A financial coach helps you set sytems in your personal financial life to get your money working for you instead of against you. We deal in beliefs and behaviors.

It is likely that a financial coach will refer you to a financial advisor when you’re ready to start investing because of the specific knowledge and skills needed to successfully manage your investments. A coach will get you to the place of being financially ready to invest by teaching you how to spend your money and to earn more money.

No matter your income, you need someone on your side encouraging you to move in the right direction. Winning with money is less about what you make and what you know, it’s more about what you do. We’re here to show you the behaviors that are proven and historically let people win with money.

Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Coming soon!

Living in Focus Blog

Coming soon! In the near future we will release a blog all about what we love: Helping you live the best life you can. You will get to have access to our knowledge of finances, physical training, nutrition, and life organization in a deeper way than our social media posts allows. The rotating topics in our blog will ensure that you can develop your entire life as you learn from certified coaches and trainers. Create a free account with us now to stay updated on the release of the blog and other developments in the company. We have lots of good stuff coming!


We are committed to providing help to you in every way we can. That is why we have begun writing books that are designed to be as simple to apply as possible. You can download our first book, Small Changes, Big Impacts, for no cost on this page by simply creating a free account with us. This is the first of many we will release, and several of the books we write will be given to you just because we appreciate you staying in touch with HFL.

The Owners

Financial coach Cameron in a white HFL shirt


Financial Coach


Product Design & Fulfillment

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Personal trainer and nutrition coach Štěpi

Štěpi (Shtye-pay)

Personal Trainer

Nutrition Coach

Social Media

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