Financial Coaching Session Bundle


Financial Coaching Session Bundle


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It’s time to win with money! This purchase gets you 6 hours of financial coaching with Hi Focus Life at 17% off. Change your behavior, change your future.

Financial Coaching Session Bundle

6 hours of financial coaching for the price of 5!

Personal Finance is a Behavior that You Can Learn

Have you noticed how almost everyone is struggling from paycheck to paycheck no matter how much they make? We help people escape that through financial coaching. Labor statistics show us that 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, including even 1/3 of people that make more than $100,000/year! That’s a big problem.

The great news is that you don’t have to live this way! See, it’s (usually) not an income problem like you’ve been told. It’s a behavior problem. Whether you spend too much or don’t make enough, behavior change will fix the problem. The wonderful thing about behavior is that you can change it today.

About Financial Coaching

Financial coaching is a powerful process that can change your life forever. You invest your time and energy and a small amount of finances now for a lifetime reward. In this process, we will lay out your entire financial situation (whether good or bad) very clearly. We have to know where you are to get started in the right direction.

Next, we will make a plan and set goals depending on your unique circumstances. Some people need help navigating foreclosure, some people need help with estate planning, and most people fall somewhere in the middle. We’re here to help with all of it!

Finally, we will continue to meet on a regular basis until you are properly equipped to stand on your own. In these meetings we will track your progress, build new skills, discuss what you’re facing, set goals as needed, and cover any education you need to hit your goals.

What Financial Coaching Means for You

Why do you need financial coaching? Couldn’t you figure these things out alone? Maybe you could. There’s a lot of information out there. The problem with only getting financial advice from random online sources is that you have no idea about their motivation or experience. Many people go viral giving advice that turns out to be idiocy, lies, or outright illegal.

For instance, everyone says you should leverage debt to buy a bunch of Air BNBs, right? But do they tell you Air BNB isn’t even legal in many cities or that it’s pretty likely your property won’t be rented for quite a while? Nope. They don’t really care for you-just about your likes. So, instead of risking your financial life with strangers, it’s best to connect with a coach who you get to know and trust. When we meet, you can feel my interest in your well-being, see my knowledge and skill level, know that I’m a certified professional, and build a relationship based on trust.

It’s About Relationship

See, it’s the relationship that makes this process work. Think about hiring a personal trainer for a moment. Do you need to hire a trainer because you have no idea what the word “exercise” means? I doubt it. We all know that losing weight requires eating less and moving more, and that gaining muscle means training hard and eating more (basically). So why is fitness a multi-billion-dollar industry? Because people need the relationship to thrive.

It’s very good for you when you have someone to encourage you, push you, and hold you accountable. It’s also great to know that you’re doing exercises in such a way that is healthy, because you can hurt yourself if you do things incorrectly. Financial well-being is the same. I’m here to encourage you, push you to be your best- to empathize, teach, and support you on your journey to financial fitness.

I have knowledge of how to do things correctly that I can give you so you don’t hurt yourself. There are a lot of budgeting techniques out there-many of them will destroy you. Sure, budgeting is great, but doing it wrong will cause you harm just like lifting weights incorrectly. A personal budget is just one of many things you will need to thrive financially.


In the interest of relationship, I want to meet you for a consultation. See my availability either in-person (Tulsa, OK) or virtually. The consultation is free and is a chance for us to connect. In that consultation, I can also describe the process in more detail as I learn exactly what you’re needing from a financial coach.

If we’ve already met for a consultation, what are you waiting for? I’m excited to work with you!

Here is what the Financial Coaching Session Bundle includes:

  1. You will add 6 hours to your account with this purchase. When you meet with me, it will take 1 hour from your account.
  2. Your time never expires, so if you use 3 sessions in a few months, and decide to save the last 3 for annual check-ins, you can! You never lose your purchased time.
  3. All meetings are 1 hour long and usually held over Google Meet. Once you buy a session, I will reach out with my availability and we can start the process.

Meet Your Financial Coach

Financial coach Cameron in a white HFL shirt

My name is Cameron and I will be your financial coach. I am the co-owner of Hi Focus Life, along with my wife Štěpi. We just got married in March ’24 as she immigrated from the Czech Republic. I have played guitar for 17 years (starting at 7 years old), 14 of which I have been on stage at my church anywhere from 1-3 times a week. At 17 years old I got my 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do after 12 years of training.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Community Counseling and after college I spent 18 months day trading. I’ve always loved working with people one-on-one, and day trading really sparked my interest in financial stability. You can’t get much less stable than day trading! That’s why I got certified as a coach. Day trading did show me, though, the immense wealth that is out there waiting to be taken by those who are determined and go about it wisely.

My training for counseling mixed with my training in financial coaching makes this role perfect for me. I take a holistic, psychologically-informed and Biblically-based approach to financial coaching. You don’t need to be a Christian to benefit from these services-it simply means the wisdom behind what I do comes from the Bible. Did you know the Bible talks about money about 2,500 times?

What the Whole Process Will Look Like

Financial coaching will be a bit different for each person, but the general structure will be the same. First, we meet for a consultation. In that consultation we will start building a relationship and I will be able to see what you need from the coaching process. Your needs will change over time as we make progress, but from this consultation we will figure out together what exactly you will need to work on first.

Here is an important note: spouses need to do this together. If you are married, I will not see just one of you. If you don’t think your spouse will be on board, just invite them to the consult. It’s free, so there’s no risk in simply coming. As a married couple, you are in covenant together. Legally, you own the money equally. Relationally, everything will work better if you act like a team. Financial coaching has a solid history of improving marriages by both removing financial stress and fostering communication and teamwork. It’s a great thing!

The First Session

After the consultation it’s time to buy a session, or a bundle of 6. Individual sessions are more expensive, but allow you to try the process without feeling as locked in.

Before your first session I will send you two simple forms to fill out before you come. One is a coaching agreement form that you only need to sign. It outlines my expectations of you and what you can expect from me. The other is a financial snapshot-a quick picture into your overall financial life. This helps you get some clarity before your session and allows me to better prepare.

In the first session we will spend a bit of time talking about your current situation and how you got there. This isn’t a time for judgement, but just a way for me to see your mental relationship with money. We will discuss further your views of money, your history of dealing with personal finances, and how you and your spouse handle money. Then we will discuss your goals, if you have any.

What We Will Accomplish in This Session

If you’re not out of debt, I will show you how to get out of debt. If you are out of debt already-congratulations! You’re doing a great job. At this point, it’s time to start planning for the future and ensuring good things for your family. If you’re already doing this, let’s make sure everything is properly in order and that you’re staying on track.

At the end of the first session you will leave with better knowledge of your current situation, a clear picture of what you want to accomplish (or a commission to get that picture), some goals that we set together, and some knowledge of finances you didn’t have before. Sounds pretty good, right? Just knowing where you are and where you’re going is enough to put peace in most peoples’ minds. The unknown causes unnecessary fear.

Follow-Up Sessions

After that first session you can book the next one (or maybe you already bought a bundle and just need to schedule the next one) and keep the momentum going.

Your follow-up sessions will be for three purposes: To keep track of your progress, to encourage you on your journey, and to teach you new skills and/or information you need to hit your goals. We will talk about the goals you set last session, set new goals, and talk more about the psychological side of finances.

What We Will Accomplish in These Sessions

Of course, if anything new has come up, we will talk about these things, too. Certain situations, such as facing foreclosure or being harassed by debt collectors, will require lots of follow-up to figure out these very dynamic situations. It might take a while to get on a more stable plan while we clean up these issues. And you know what? That’s okay! I am here to help you walk these things all the way through. No matter how bad it looks, simply standing up and acting is enough to make your life better.

Eventually, you will reach a place of stability (assuming you weren’t there already before we met). When this happens, we will adjust how often we meet. If you’re making strong progress toward your long-term goals and don’t have many short-term goals at the moment, then we don’t need to meet as often.

You can switch to monthly meetings if we’ve been meeting more often, or switch to quarterly meetings. This process will change to reflect your current needs. Remember, your hours always stay with you. If you bought more sessions and we’ve decided we don’t need to meet as often anymore, there’s no need to worry. You can use those sessions anytime. Just switch to meeting once or twice a year to keep an outside perspective on your finances that helps you stay on track.

The Goal of Financial Coaching

My mission is to make you not need me. I am here as a guide to help you, the hero of the story. Whether you are coming to me because you are drowning in debt or because you want an outside perspective to help you better plan your financial future, I am aiming to have you stand on your own.

There is one caveat to this, though. I think meeting once or twice a year is a smart thing to do. This simply ensures that you keep your goals in mind and get an outside perspective on a regular basis. It is easy to drift slightly in our conviction, and even easier to not see it. Meeting for these reviews helps ensure you stay on track. Financial coaching sould be a life-long practice like seeing your accountant or doctor.

It’s Time to Get Started!

I want to see you live in financial security. By working with me, you can get peace in your mind, security for your present and future, and a healthy structure that will help you take care of your family for generations. It’s time to live like you’ve never lived before. Set up a consult now or make the purchase if you’re ready to jump in!

Learn More About Hi Focus Life and Financial Coaching

Check out the page Who We Are and What We Love to Do to learn about Hi Focus Life. See who we are, why we got started, and what we value. You will also find our contact info there and descriptions of each division of HFL.

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