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Timeline Discbound Day Planner


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Timeline Discbound Day Planner. An originally designed, customizable planner to fit your unique life perfectly. Enjoy planning like never before.

Timeline Discbound Day Planner

Have you always liked the idea of using a planner but never stuck to it? You know it’s important to plan your time, but it never seemed to work. That’s probably because your planner wasn’t set up for your life. We had the same frustration, so we made the Timeline Discbound Day Planner.

Now you can easily plan each unique day without the restrictions other planners give you. We removed the preset working hours, blocks of time, and goal templates that other planners use while keeping a great planning structure on the page. With the timeline layout you get the best of both worlds-flexibility and consistency. Every day has the same template, but it’s never been easier to make each day unique on your planner. It’s time for you to take control of your life and live each day to the fullest!

The Timeline Discbound Day Planner is a True Original. Some of its Best Features Include:

  1. Non-restrictive layout that gives you better control over your schedule.
  2. Binding is at the top of the planner so you no longer have to write with the spine in your way.
  3. We print our pages on a beautiful 90 GSM linen writing paper that gives you an elevated writing experience.
  4. You can customize every piece of the planner.
  5. And finally, this planner is refillable! That means that your lifetime costs will be lower.

Full Description

These are the best features, and here is a more detailed description of what you’ll get when you purchase one. We print our pages to order on US letter sized 90 GSM linen writing paper. It has a clear plastic cover with the HFL logo on it, and you can replace our logo with yours if you want! The layout has a timeline on the left side, space for your top 3 goals on the top, and an 8-item to-do list on the right. There is also space on the bottom for notes (a great space for daily reviews).

A blank page from the Timeline Discbound Day Planner by Hi Focus Life

This planner is undated. The pages are bound at the top with plastic discs (clear/white, black, or light blue options). This makes them both visually unique and easily refillable. You can order your planner with either 6- or 12 months of pages. Both sizes come with a 12 month calendar in the front. You can also add your initials and/or business name to every page. If there are other customization ideas you have thought of, send us an email!

A special note:

The discs are sized for either 6 months or 12 months of pages, so when you order refills be sure to get the same amount pages you started with. When under- or over-filled the pages will become difficult to turn. Replacement discs can be ordered if you wish to change sizes. They are as simple to replace as your pages are.

Why I Use The Timeline Discbound Day Planner

I (Cameron, co-owner of HFL) can honestly tell you that using this planner changed my life. This is a tool that I use both personally and professionally, and I began to sell them because of the impact it has. I want you to enjoy your day to the fullest, to be as productive as possible, and to eliminate the mental burden of deciding how to use your time on the go.

Using this planner has been thoroughly enjoyable for me, both practically and emotionally. As a business owner, not dealing with the mental burden of choosing what to do next (or how long to spend on one project) in the middle of my day was a game changer. Planning my next day every evening makes working so much easier and allows me to spend my mental resources on what truly matters.

Personally, this planner also had an impact I did not anticipate. Every evening that I sit down with my fiancée (the other owner) and plan the next day is a chance to really connect with her. We talk about our day, what we enjoyed, what we can improve, and how much progress we made professionally and personally. This time really brings us together. Then, we get to dream about our future together and plan how we’re going to make the next day take us closer to those dreams. It’s a precious time together that I look forward to every day. You should get to have this incredible experience, too!

I Want You To Enjoy These Things, Too

I think it’s time that you had these things for yourself: More efficient use of your time, less stress in your day, a better marriage, and a chance to see the real-time progress you are making toward your dream life. Get your Timeline Discbound Day Planner today and see how it changes your life!

We Will Contact You for Customization.

Place your order and we will contact you quickly to get your information. An art proof will be sent to you for your approval before we begin printing. If you cancel your order (if customized) before printing you will get a refund. There might be a small artwork fee if we have been working on art for you.


Find our refund and cancellation policy here.

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Learn More About Hi Focus Life

Check out the page Who We Are and What We Love to Do to learn about Hi Focus Life. See who we are, why we got started, and what we value. You will also find our contact info there and descriptions of each division of HFL.

You can also meet with our nutrition coach Stepi here and financial coach Cameron here for a free consultation. We’re happy you are joining the HFL vision by using a day planner, and we would love to help you even further! Don’t forget to check out the Linen Journal while you’re here!

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Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions12 × 3 × 9 in
Disc Color

Tranpsarent White, Blue, Black


6 Month, 12 Month

Customization Options

Standard, Monogram (Initials), Company Name, Monogram and Company Name, Custom Cover, Fully Customized (Adds all options)


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