HFL Linen Journal Refill – Single


HFL Linen Journal Refill – Single


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It’s time for a journal refill! Experience beautiful writing on linen writing paper. Discbound and fully customizable for a truly unique journal.

HFL Linen Journal Refill

Do you love to take notes or journal your day (or wish you did)? You probably haven’t found that perfect journal that fits you-you are looking here, after all! We are proud to offer you a superior writing experience with the HFL Linen Journal Refill. Why is ours better? Our journals are made with a beautiful 90 GSM linen blended writing paper, can be completely customized, and are discbound to give you lower lifetime cost (because it’s refillable) plus a visually unique experience.

Now you can finally enjoy journaling like you’ve always wanted to. The linen paper not only looks great but also has a great feel both for writing and for your fingers. You can customize the pages with your initials, your name (or your business’s name), and optionally add hand-picked Bible verses on the bottom. You can also supply a graphic for us to print on the clear plastic cover and replace the HFL logo.

This is the Linen Journal Refill

This page is for the Linen Journal refill only. If you haven’t yet purchased a Linen Journal or Timeline planner, you won’t have anything to put the pages in! You can keep reading about the Linen Journal below, but be sure to buy the Journal or a Timeline planner if you haven’t yet. These two products are the same size, so you can put either style of page in them. Also, there are customization options for the pages.

When you order a refill, you will get exactly what you chose last time. If you ordered a Timeline planner, we will use the same options you chose for the Timeline pages. If you don’t want the same options, contact us before ordering. If you order a refill but haven’t ordered a journal or planner yet, we will refund you and direct you to the appropriate page.

This is also a one-time purchase. Check out the refill subscriptions for lower costs and easier use!

The HFL Linen Journal offers you a superior writing experience. Some of its best features include:

  1. Binding is at the top of the journal so you no longer have to write with the spine in your way.
  2. We print our pages on a beautiful 90 GSM linen writing paper that gives you an elevated writing experience.
  3. You have two page options: simple lined pages just for your writing, or pages with hand-picked Bible verses on the bottom.
  4. You can customize every piece of the journal.
  5. And finally, this journal is refillable! That means that your lifetime costs will be lower.

Full Description

Those are the best features, and here is a more detailed description of what you’ll get when you purchase one. We print our pages to order on US letter sized 90 GSM linen writing paper. It has a clear plastic cover with the HFL logo on it, and you can replace our logo with yours if you want!

Financial coach Cameron showing the front cover of the Hi Focus Life Linen Journal.

The pages are bound at the top with plastic discs (clear/white, black, or light blue options). This makes them both visually unique and easily refillable. You can order your journal with either 180 or 360 pages. You can also add your initials and/or business name to every page. If there are other customization ideas you have thought of, send us an email!

A special note:

The discs are sized for either 180 or 360 pages, so when you order a journal refill be sure to get the same amount pages you started with. When under- or over-filled the pages will become difficult to turn. Replacement discs can be ordered if you wish to change sizes. They are as simple to replace as your pages are.

Why You Need to Write

Writing is extremely important. There are many benefits, some of which are quite surprising, to writing regularly. When you write things down, you remember them better. Obvious, I know-we all understand that taking notes improves memory. But how you take notes is the important part. Typing notes in your phone or laptop does not have nearly the same effect as actually writing notes.

Handwritten notes (especially when using blue ink) will give you significantly improved memory of what you’re writing. That’s why we always use blue pens at HFL, even on our day planners. We don’t want to be stuck reviewing the schedule all day, so writing down the schedule on physical paper with blue pens is how we operate. The schedule stays in our minds so much better.

The same is true for writing notes. If you want to be efficient (which is what we’re all about!), then you need to do things not just quickly, but with excellence. You can spend less time reviewing notes with better recall by using this journal. Whether you use it to take notes at church, school, or the office, or use it as a diary or a place to write to-do lists, you will see an improvement in your memory and overall cognitive function. As an added bonus, did you know that some studies show improved functioning in your immune system from regular journaling? Neat!

Why Use the Linen Journal Instead of Others?

That’s all great, but why do you need our specific journal? Aren’t there lots of journals out there? True, there are very many journals you can choose from. You will not find one quite like ours, though. We created a journal that fixes the problem most journals have while also giving you an elevated writing experience through superior paper and unique aesthetics.

Most journals are bound in the center, meaning you have the spine in your way while writing. We bind ours at the top so you aren’t constantly adjusting your hand to be able to properly write. This also gives the journal a unique look you won’t find elsewhere. The discs we use make the journal refillable, so you have lower lifetime costs. We also use high-quality linen writing paper for a great writing experience. Finally, the entire Linen Journal can be customized so you have something that is truly yours.

I Want You To Enjoy These Things, Too

I think it’s time that you had these things for yourself: More efficient use of your time, more enjoyable writing, better memory, and overall improved mental and physical health. Get your Linen Journal refill today and see how it changes your life!

We Will Contact You for Customization.

Place your order and we will contact you quickly to get your information. An art proof will be sent to you for your approval before we begin printing.


Find our refund and cancellation policy here.

Find our contact info here.

Learn More About Hi Focus Life

Check out the page Who We Are and What We Love to Do to learn about Hi Focus Life. See who we are, why we got started, and what we value. You will also find our contact info there and descriptions of each division of HFL.

You can also meet with our nutrition coach Stepi here and financial coach Cameron here for a free consultation. We’re happy you are joining the HFL vision by using a Linen Journal, and we would love to help you even further! Don’t forget to check out the Timeline Discbound Day Planner while you’re here!

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180 pages, 360 pages


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HFL Linen Journal Refill – Single
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