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Living in Focus Authors Štěpi (left) and Cameron (right) speaking in public.

Living in Focus is all about helping you live out your full potential. Our motto at Hi Focus Life is “Embrace Efficiency.” Everything we do is centered around the idea of efficiency. By living efficiently, we use our resources well as good stewards of what God entrusts us. Efficiency makes us better employees, better business owners, better spouses, better friends, and anything else you can think of!

To do something efficiently is do it with excellence. Efficiency is doing something faster AND better at the same time. Efficient living focuses your time and energy, makes you find a clear direction, and causes you to grow. If you’re always seeking to be better, your life will improve! The Living in Focus blog is here to teach you how to live efficiently. We want you to be good at whatever you do. Working with skill, whether at home or work, can bring you immense satisfaction and joy.

Living in Focus will cover many topics that are a core part of Hi Focus Life plus some new, related topics. We already help people with their finances, nutrition, exercise, and time management with our products and services. We simply want to do even more of that, plus some new topics that interest us. So come on in and see what we’re about! It’s time to start living better.

Living in Focus author Štěpi

Štěpi (Shtye-pay) is a passionate, generous, and incredibly kind woman from the Czech Republic. You won’t find someone with more genuine love for the people in her life. She takes great care to do everything with excellence both professionally and personally and is happiest when working with people. Štěpi loves to teach, encourage, and inspire people to be their best. She is at her best when educating people about physical fitness (even before she got certified), lighting up with joy every time health or exercise is discussed.

At the time of writing, Štěpi is 24 and just moved from the Czech Republic. She is married to Cameron (that’s me!), HFL’s other owner, and is in the process of acquiring her green card. We started dating in October 2022 and got engaged in January 2023. She is an accomplished young woman and each of her accomplishments show a part of her heart.

Štěpi went to university for a bachelor’s in journalism and a minor in social work. She loves to write, and she really loves to help people. Now she gets to do both through Hi Focus Life and the Living in Focus blog! She is also an extremely talented bass guitarist and classical guitarist. She was in music school for 10 years and has also played on her church’s worship team for 10 years (and now my church’s team, too).

Štěpi is also a certified personal trainer and a certified nutrition coach. She has loved fitness for years, and after we decided to start HFL together she got certified so she could make a living doing what she loves. She believes in a holistic approach to health. This means taking care of the whole body, mind, and spirit. She encourages people to train both hard and smart, rest well, get good sleep, and eat food that you actually enjoy. Exercise should improve your life, not make you miserable!

I am the other owner of Hi Focus Life and I am making Štěpi write the piece about me because I feel weird writing about myself like this!

Living in Focus author Cameron

The founder of Hi Focus Life was born in Oklahoma 24 years ago and partially has Cherokee blood in his veins. He married me (Štěpi) in March of 2024 after 15 months of dating. 

Cameron is one of the most willing and caring people I know. He does everything he can for the people he loves. The fact that he has a bachelor’s degree in counseling speaks volumes about his heart for people. He uses the knowledge gained from his studies in his work as a financial coach. After college, he spent a year and a half in day trading, which significantly increased his interest in the field of finance.

Cameron’s Passions

Cam always wanted to help people, and I think that this combination of helping, and the field of finance, is what he enjoys so much about this job. Sometimes he has to really focus to not talk about work or even think about it when we have a rest day. In addition, Cam also likes to write – articles, product descriptions, and now he can’t wait to start writing the next book. (You can download his first e-book from the homepage.

Cameron does not like conflict, but at the same time, he is not afraid to defend any of his beloved ones. He’s got a taekwondo black belt, so you really don’t want to mess around with him. 

He likes to laugh; his sense of humor includes hyperbole and sarcasm. He describes himself as black and white – he likes things to have a certain order, when everything is clearly stated and when things are not just done on the spur of the moment. When he has a moment for himself, you can bet he’s either playing video games or playing the electric guitar.

He loves Christian metal and hard rock, so don’t even imagine him as another Ed Sheeran. There are a lot of things that can get him excited, but only a few make his eyes light up when he talks about them – the first one is obviously me, his wife, haha, the others are his job and video games. You don’t understand neither finances nor gaming? No problem, I’d like to explain everything in detail. Oh, and I can’t forget that Cam is a dog person.  

Štěpi and I have quite the story for how we got together. I will do my best to keep it brief here. I get into all the details of our cool story in another post!

As I said before, Štěpi is from the Czech Republic. You’ve probably heard of Prague-that’s the biggest city in Czechia. Her country is in the middle of Europe, 6,000 miles away from Oklahoma, and it is gorgeous over there. I once knew nothing of Czechia, not even where it was. So how did I get all the way over there?

My friend and evangelist Dr. Richard Moore is the reason I made it over there. He invited me to travel with him (very unexpectedly) and on that trip I met my wife after she heard me preaching. God is amazing-I met her on a trip I didn’t plan, at a conference I wasn’t scheduled to preach at, and she planned on not going to that conference. But we both knew we were supposed to be there, so we went.

You should really see all the details of how we got together-it’s hard to believe sometimes as the guy it actually happened to! Life together is so good.

Hi Focus Life is the company that Štěpi and I started together. It is just one more thing that worked out unbelievably well for us. One day, we were talking about nothing in particular, and stumbled upon a topic we both had interest in. We talked about it for a while, and we realized that we both had the exact same idea for a business! Isn’t that crazy?

We came together from 6,000 miles away only to find that God gave each of us a partner with the same business idea. Mind-blowing. So, when we got home we started making some plans. By the end of the day we had our name, first product design, and the beginning of a business plan.

First, we created the Timeline Planner. We wanted something original, customizable, and with excellent paper (which is why we use linen paper). Amazingly, both of us planned on printing custom planners before we got together. As a couple, we knew we wanted to do even more. We each had our own passions, and we both wanted to work with people. So, Hi Focus Life became a bit more robust than just time management.

We both went and got certified as coaches in the things we already loved so we could do them full-time. Now, we are pleased to offer not only premium discbound planners, but also financial coaching, nutrition coaching, and personal training.

The goal of Hi Focus Life is to help people reach their potential in every area. We plan on adding more services as we grow and are able to hire more coaches. For now, you are able to manage your time better, get your financial life in order, learn how to eat in a sustainable, enjoyable way, and learn how to exercise in a way you enjoy, all with HFL!

We would love to meet with you for no charge. You can talk to us about anything we offer without feeling the pressure of buying in a consultation.

Do you have questions about physical products? See the shop, text us at (918) 973-2359, or email

For financial coaching, set up a consult here.

For personal training and/or nutrition coaching, set up a consult here.

The Living in Focus blog is an extension of what we’re doing with Hi Focus Life. With the blog, we want more people to be able to access information that will help them make positive change. This blog also fulfills both of our enjoyment of writing. Finally, the blog lets us get into topics that are outside the scope of what we cover in client sessions but are still helpful for general life improvement and enjoyment.

We genuinely want to see you doing well. We are pouring immense effort into getting lots of high-quality, easy-to-read content in your hands. This is in addition to what we’re already doing on social media.

You have so many things pulling you in different directions in life. Most people don’t know how to do deal with this because they were simply never taught. Stick with us and learn how to live with focus, excellence, purpose, and joy. We’re excited to see you fulfill your purpose, live out your potential, and make an awesome life. Subscribe to the blog to keep up to date with our posts!

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Nutrition coach Stepi and financial coach Cameron - co-owners of Hi Focus Life

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