How to Get a Czech Woman to Love You

I know I’m biased here, but my wife and I seriously have the coolest love story of anyone I’ve met. I mean, how many Oklahomans do you know that get beautiful Czech women to come here and marry them?? But it’s more than that, because plenty of people have immigrated to the US for love. The way we actually met is what makes our story so incredibly unique. I haven’t heard of a couple who has met the way we did – not even online. So, how did it all happen?

Before I describe the moment we first met, let me lay out some context. There’s a lot of distance between here and Czechia (about 6,000 miles, in fact), so there has to be something pretty important to get me to even go over to Europe. Going to Europe was definitely not in my plans. At least, not at that time.

Like a lot of Americans, I had thought about visiting some day when I was making a lot of money and wanted a new experience. But even that was more of a side thought that anything. I didn’t have a certain country picked out, never thought much about what I’d do. It was just a simple idea for years later. That changed very quickly in August of 2022.

That August, an evangelist friend of mine, Dr. Richard Moore, was in Tulsa, OK (where our church is) for a week. He was not here preaching – one of his friends was preaching and told him to visit so he could relax for a week. I had not seen him in a while as he is on the road over 300 days of the year and based out of Florida, so I asked him to get coffee with me. We were just hanging out and having a good time, and suddenly he said I should travel with him some time. I thought he was joking at first!

I had never left the country, and at the time I had only been away from my family for a couple days at once. And that was just in Texas. He was asking me to go to Brazil! I was taken by surprise, and so he said I should pray about it and let him know. So, I did. That night I told him I felt like I was supposed to go with him.

He really wanted me to get the full experience of travelling as a preacher and spend at least a few weeks out with him. To make sure I got that much time, he changed my trip with him to Slovakia. I didn’t even know where that was, other than somewhere in Europe. Now I know it’s central Europe, bordering the Czech Republic.

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Preparing to Leave

So, all of a sudden, I am looking for flights to Slovakia. Actually, it was to Vienna, Austria, because Slovakia doesn’t have an international airport. I am going out of the country in 5 weeks, unexpectedly, with an evangelist who does not normally take people with him, all because he was in Tulsa where he didn’t plan on being. Things were lining up.

I have never flown by myself, never been out of the country, and only had about $1,500 in my account. I knew the Lord had told me to go, though, and I trusted Him. See, God always pays for what He orders. We aren’t left with the bill when our Father decides to do something. I followed His every instruction, including some things I won’t share today, and supernaturally I was given enough money to cover what I paid plus $700 extra. I told no one about the costs, I just trusted God.

In the 3 weeks that I was with him in Slovakia we were in about 10-15 cities, and a new church almost every day. It was one of the best things I had ever done. The whole time he kept telling me he would find me a wife. But, by the end of the trip, it looked like there was nobody for me. I was a little sad, but the joy of the experience over there was keeping me in good spirits.

The first church in Slovakia

What the Days Were Like

We had such a fun time together. We were in church every evening, and before the evening service we were free to do whatever we wanted. Almost every day we went to a sauna, which almost every hotel had. I had never been in a sauna and let me tell you, it’s amazing. I will add one to the first house I build. I’m so excited for that!

We usually woke up late in the morning because we only got back to the hotel around midnight. We would get breakfast, just hang out, and go walk around whatever city we were in. Some of the pastors would take us out to lunch, and one kind man even took Dr. Moore golfing because it’s his favorite thing.

As much as I loved the first part of the day, the best part of the trip was service in the evening. For 3 weeks I got to be in God’s presence, soaking up all the teaching I could, and watching as people in the church got healed right in front of us. There’s nothing like it! No matter how exhausting the travel was, how much we worked in the evenings, how draining the language barrier was, it didn’t matter. We were so refreshed by the Lord every night that we woke up ready for the next day.

Some of the Slovak countryside. Everywhere is this pretty!

It is now 3 days before our return to the US. I am about to preach at a youth conference (I was asked to preach only a few days before it; the pastor just felt to have me speak) and I am very nervous. I had a great time preaching, actually, and it really confirmed to me the call I know I have.

I had another surprise while I was on this trip – I was asked to preach. There was a youth conference happening in Slovakia and it was Friday night and Saturday morning. Dr. Moore spoke Friday, and the pastor of that church was supposed to speak in the morning.

We were all out at dinner one night and the pastor asked me if I had ever preached. Yes, a few times I had preached in my youth group, but it had been a few years since I had done it. He was looking at me very intently while I spoke, and he surprisingly just said, “You should preach Saturday.” This was Wednesday. I definitely didn’t expect that! I was just there to take pictures for social media and help Dr. Moore with whatever else he needed.

I told him I would (how could I say no?) and that was that. He just resumed a conversation with someone else in Slovak and we continued with dinner. I had no idea what to speak on, how long to talk for, nothing. It was up to me. I got a few tips from Dr. Moore, but it was up to me what to talk about.

Overhead shot of the church in Martin, Slovakia, on the first service of the youth conference

The Youth Conference

I know, I’m taking a while to get to the part where we meet. We’re almost there! I just need you to see all the incredible things (actually, I haven’t even shared some of the incredible things) that happened for our meeting to even be possible.

So, it’s Saturday morning now and I am quite nervous. We get to the church before service and spend some time with the pastor, as is the norm. Then we go into the service for worship, and their band is amazing. I didn’t understand any of it, of course, but it’s still great to hear. Plus, they actually do a lot of American songs over there so I could kind of follow along.

The musical part of the service is over, and one of the singers, Ivan (on the left, who also was the interpreter for most of our trip), starts introducing me. I got up to speak, and after just a couple minutes my nerves settled, and I really got into it. I actually really love public speaking (I know, you probably think I’m crazy, and maybe I am). And would you guess who was in the crowd at that meeting, hearing me preach?

It’s the First Time We Were Near Each Other

Štěpi was there, and even though I didn’t know her yet, I actually looked at her quite a bit while I preached. It wasn’t romantic, not yet. I was focused on preaching, not pretty girls. I kept looking at her because she was so encouraging.

See, Czechs and Slovaks are very reserved. They don’t show emotion. Even though people came and told me after I was done what a great job I did and how much they enjoyed it, looking at the crowd is like looking at people that hate you. You see no joy, just intense listening. But Štěpi was one of about four people who would smile at me (out of like 100). When you speak in front of people, you should always talk to the ones who look happy. It keeps you feeling confident and strong. So, I did just that.

One more amazing thing about us meeting – she specifically planned on not being at the conference. She had plans already. But, she felt strongly in her spirit that she was supposed to be there, so she travelled many hours by herself to get there. She enjoyed my message, and wanted to tell me, but we didn’t talk to each other at the conference. So, she found me on Facebook, and sent a platonic message to me to encourage me.

We texted quite a lot the next day, just getting to know each other. I told her we had one last night in Slovakia before we left and that she should come see us. So, she once again travelled a few hours by herself to be where I was. After the service was over, she came to the front to talk to me. It was the first time I had seen her close or heard her voice. My first thought, honestly, was “Woah.” She was gorgeous!

We had some small talk for a minute, and within a literal minute or two I heard the Lord, as clearly as I’ve ever heard Him, say three words: “This is it.” I knew what that meant-this is my wife. I was immediately on board. Even though we had barely spoken, I knew a couple things for certain. I could feel the genuine sweetness of her character, see the kindness in her eyes, and that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. What could be better?!

We talked for a bit over an hour and then it was time for us to leave. I hugged her goodbye (a couple times, because she definitely enjoyed that hug, too) and gave her my number. As soon as my friend and I got in the car he said, about her, “Dude, I think that was it.” He was absolutely right. When I got to my hotel for the night, I texted my parents and my best friend and told them all that I had met my wife that night.

Štěpi went back to a hotel for the night, and when she got there, she knew that I was the one, too. It took her a couple hours of wrestling with God, because America is so far away, and it would be hard. But she knew that when God sets something up it is always the best. So, she said yes to Him and decided to be with me.

I got a whole 30 minutes of sleep before we woke at 1 am to go catch our first plane back to the US. Dr. Moore and I said “Bye” after we landed in the first US airport and we went our separate ways, me to Oklahoma and him to Florida. I texted Štěpi while I waited for my next flight, and even though neither of us had said anything to each other about dating yet, I could tell she was in to me. I felt so smooth (you’d have to ask her if I actually was). But whatever I did clearly worked!

A Quick Summary

So, let’s summarize how we met. Dr. Moore comes to Tulsa, and he didn’t even want to be here. He invites me to travel with him, and he always travels alone. I buy tickets by faith, and I receive all the money back plus extra. I preach at a conference after the pastor asked me to speak instead of him, at his own church.

At that conference was Štěpi, who travelled about 7 hours to another country, alone, after cancelling other plans because she knew she was supposed to be at the conference. She then comes to another service, and that night God tells her, Dr. Moore, and me that we’re supposed to be married. Isn’t that something?

That’s just how we met! The story continues to be just as amazing as we date, get engaged, and go through immigration. You can read all about it in part 2!

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