How to Get a Czech Woman to Love You, Part 5

I’m glad you’ve gone with us through the incredible story of how Štěpi and I met and got married. You won’t find a story quite like this! God blessed us with something special. If you missed some, or all, of the story, you can read about it here:

Now as I write this Štěpi sits at a desk behind me working on her part of the business. We’re happily together, married just over a month right now, and finally able to relax and enjoy a level of stability. Of course, we’ll never have a normal life with what we’ve chosen to do, but this is much more stable than the last year we’ve had. Running a business and making plans to go into the ministry this year seems easy after what we just went through.

Štěpi, my parents, and I out for a hike, enjoying being all together now.

After all that time spent apart and the immense workload and stress level from dealing with immigration, we now are peacefully in the same place. We live just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma in a small town almost nobody has heard of. For a short while we are living with my parents while we financially recover from immigration. The Lord provided more than enough to immigrate and have a honeymoon, and now we are sure He will deliver to us what we need to live on our own very soon.

Everything Is Better Now

Life is much easier to enjoy now. No more 7 hour time difference, being unable to touch or hug each other, having only a small screen to video chat through. Now I get to wake up every morning with my wife next to me, wrap my arms around her, and enjoy the fact that she’s actually with me.

Not only is being together emotionally relieving, it’s very practically beneficial, too. Do you have any idea how hard it is to start a business with someone you can only talk to 1-2 hours per day? And those hours are 12-2, every day. Not only that, but we had to split that time between personal and business! It was very challenging. Yet we made progress and worked as hard as we could.

Now that we are together, business is much easier. Life in general is easier. I did the math once when we were engaged and I found that not being married was costing us about 15 hours a week! That’s a lot of time. And that’s when she was in the US with me.

Remembering Our Time Before Marriage

How did it cost that much time? Think of all the little things; they really add up. We chose to honor God with our marriage, and thus did not sleep together while we waited for our visa. So, every day I woke up alone and had to get myself up and ready to go. I drove home, woke her up, and then we had breakfast. Then, I had to drive us both back to where I just was because that’s where our office is.

The first office of Hi Focus Life

Yes, I slept in my office while she visited. Everything fit to the literal inch-my back is pressed against a bed while I sit between it and my desk. Her desk is on a different side of the bed, and when the door opens it comes within about a 1/4 inch of hitting her desk. We really crammed in here! But, for all the trouble, we have no regrets. Our relationship became so strong while waited for the physical part of our relationship.

Anyway, I was talking about the time we were losing by not being married. At the end of the day, I had to leave her and come back to the office to sleep. So, I sleepy at home hanging out with her, had to say goodnight, then drive through the night to the office. Once there I had to get myself sleepy again so I could actually fall asleep.

Thank God We’re Not Living Like That Anymore

That’s a lot of time lost simply by not sleeping in the same place. Plus, all our stuff was in the same house, but we couldn’t get dressed at once or use the bathroom at the same time when getting ready to leave the house. Everything just moved slower.

It was very tiring, and the worst part was that it wasn’t our choice. We have, from what I can see, the worst immigration department of any developed country. Their slowness is the only reason we weren’t married. Our original plan was to be married in March of 2023. All our hardships were because of them. Yet we survived, thanks to God, and it’s behind us now.

A Thank You and One Final Recap

I’m glad you read about how my wife and I met. Writing this series has been one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever written. Thank you for caring for us, and for spending your time here. I know time is valuable; it’s truly the only resource we have. Neither one of us takes that lightly.

Now that you have the whole story, save a few details I didn’t have time to write about (yes, I know these posts are already long!), let’s summarize it all in one place. It just sounds even more incredible to me when I lay it out in one short story.

The Whole Story

In August 2023, a friend took me to Slovakia to be with him while he preached. He wasn’t planning on being in Tulsa, where I live, and he had never taken someone with him like that. I had never left the country. On that trip, I preached at a youth conference that I wasn’t scheduled to speak at. Štěpi attended that conference (in a different country) after she had planned on not being there. Every person involved simply felt something on the inside to be there, and to have me preach.

Štěpi and I started texting, and when I saw her for the first time 2 days later, God immediately told me, “This is it.” When she got back to her hotel that night, the Lord told her I would be her husband. 2 days later, back in the US, I called her and told her I wanted to date her. Over the next 3 days, we decided to get married, have 3 kids, and live in Oklahoma. We had heard from God and were ready to jump in to what He had.

We started the immigration process, and 8 months in our case started moving (it should’ve taken 18 months). One month after that, we claimed the only available interview spot at the Embassy. They were booked solidly for 3 months, but our spot was only 2 weeks away. Her visa was approved, and the day before she left we were given enough money for the honeymoon, plus some left over.

The whole way, money always came in so that we could see each other and pay for each immigration fee. We did everything we wanted on the honeymoon and had money left over. Her whole family got $650 US per person compensated to them during their travels to the US for the wedding. Everything worked out for us, faster and better than it should have. That’s what it’s like to live with God.

A Final Thank You

Lastly, both Štěpi and I want to once again express our gratitude to our family. Both of our parents opened their homes to each of us. We both felt so welcome wherever we were. Without our family, we never could have done this. It would have been the most miserable year. But, thanks to you, we were able to have joy through the hardship. We could not have been treated better by all of you. Once again, thank you!

Thanks For Reading This Series!

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