How to Get a Czech Woman to Love You, Part 4

Our Happily Ever After Comes at Last

You’ve seen many of the hardships Štěpi and I faced to get this far (see parts 1, 2, or 3 if you haven’t yet). Our journey makes for a wonderful story, but it had a lot of hard times in it. Thankfully, the good far outweighs the bad. You’re at the point in the story where we leave the hardship of immigration behind and move into the best time of our lives. Let’s enjoy this together!

The Visa Arrives

After our second trip to Prague, we knew that our visa was on its way. They told us it should get to her house about 3 days after her interview, and we couldn’t wait to see it. We went home that afternoon after getting some celebratory waffles from our favorite place (if you’re ever in Czechia, you MUST go to a Waf-Waf [yes, they have English menus]). On the way home, we enjoyed a surprisingly empty train and watched a movie on her computer, finally able to relax now that the pressure of immigration was off us. We felt so free!

The visa arrived a couple days after we got home. I can definitely say that we never had so much fun opening mail in our lives! We showed all our family our hard-won visa and celebrated together. It was great to have it, but it also meant we had one more bout of hard work ahead of us.

Her family wanted to come to the US for the wedding, and of course we wanted them there, too. She has both parents, one older brother, and two younger brothers. They were all on stand-by for quite a while, knowing that the travel plans would be made with very little notice. When we told them the visa was on the way they all started making arrangements at work and school to be gone, but we still didn’t know exactly when we would leave. We were keeping an eye on flights and just waiting to be able to book them.

Getting Ready To Leave

The day the visa came, we all figured out when they could leave. It was very fast, just a few days away! We booked the flights that evening, and that was that. We were ready to go. I flew out just a couple days before them, as I already had a return flight booked. They were flying out Monday morning, March 4th, and would arrive that night. We planned the wedding for that Saturday, the 9th. Yes, very short notice, but we didn’t care about a big wedding. We just wanted to finally be married.

Booking those flights was really something for her family. Her parents don’t speak English, because the country was Communist when they grew up and they weren’t allowed to learn it. Her brothers had never flown before, and now they were going all the way across the Atlantic! It was a big deal.

A Slight Hiccup

Their travel was, sadly, not the smoothest. After they boarded their second flight, out of Paris, and sat on the plane for a long time, they decided to cancel the flight. Everyone got out, and they spent hours trying to figure out where to go.

They were given a hotel for the night (though the driver dropped them at the wrong one at first, and took hours to come back), and the next day they got to fly out for real. Although it made for a very long night, it honestly was kind of nice. They were given what would be about $650 US per ticket for the cancelled flight. So, they came here and back for like $250/person. It was stressful, but that compensation definitely helped them out!

Back in the US

When I got home, I started getting everything ready for Štěpi and her family to arrive. We really had to move things around for all those people! Štěpi slept in my room, as usual, and her brothers all had air mattresses in the living room. My parents gave their room to her parents for the week. That meant my parents went to sleep at my grandma’s house (mom’s mom), where I usually slept when Štěpi visited. So, I got an air mattress in the room my dog is crated in. We all just fit!

That week, we showed her family as much as we could. We went for a couple long walks, showed them one of our favorite date places, took them to church, drove them around downtown Tulsa – whatever we could think of. We cooked as many classic American things as we could that week, though I’m excited for them to come back one day and get to experience much more of our food.

It was fun, and a busy week with not a moment of quiet. Of course, in the midst of that, we also were planning the wedding. It was a small one, but it still took a bit of work. Thank God for a couple at our church, Glenda and Terry, who have put on more than 200 weddings. She asked us about details we never would have thought of!

The Wedding

There were just 20 people at the wedding, which was honestly perfect. Our family, a couple friends who had been involved in the visa process, and that was it. That made it easy to enjoy our special day and appreciate each person that was there. After the wedding was over, we had cake with our friends and took pictures with them. Then, we went to The Gathering Place for the rest of our pictures. It’s been named the best park in the country for 3 of the last 5 years (written in 2024), and it is gorgeous!

Of course, we felt bad that not everyone could be there, but there just wasn’t time. We needed that year of immigration to just be over. Our bodies and minds were so completely exhausted from the stress; I had a hard time walking on occasion because I had absolutely no energy left in me.

I was in great shape before all that! Gym regularly, walked miles a day, ran on occasion. The stress just took me out. We needed it to be over. But, we will be having a big reception for all our friends to be at soon, that way they can all celebrate with us. It’s not the same as having it on the wedding day, but it’s the best we can do.

Not “Goodbye,” But “See You Later”

After we got all our pictures, it was time for Štěpi and I to go. We took a while to say “bye” to her family, which was hard on both of us, and of course difficult for them. It’s a bitter-sweet moment, because they were all so happy for her finally getting what she wanted, but it meant not seeing their daughter and sister for a long time.

After we all hugged, her family went home with my family, and Štěpi and I went to our own car. I booked a hotel room for the night in Tulsa, and the next day we drove to our honeymoon (the destination was a surprise for her).

The Honeymoon

The honeymoon was the best week of our lives. Can I tell you how peaceful an empty room is after having both families in the same house for a week? For the first time ever, Štěpi and I were truly alone. We took it easy and rested a lot, which we both needed badly. We found a great coffee shop and went there every day, and each day I took her to at least one cool place. I also had my birthday on the honeymoon, so we went out for steak one night, which I enjoyed immensely.

Literally the only correctly made flat white we’ve found in the US, at LDU coffee in Dallas. Best iced latte I’ve ever had, too.

I’m sure you’re curious for more details about the trip, but I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you this time. That week was special, and just for us. I can tell you one more incredible thing about it, though. God completely paid for all of it.

God’s Provision for Our Honeymoon

About a month before the visa started moving, Dr. Debbie Rich was having a week of revival at my church, and I went every night. One night, I felt the Lord instruct me to give a certain amount of money. That exact amount was what I had set aside for the honeymoon. It wouldn’t have been anything special, but it was enough for us to have a few days on our own.

It was also almost everything I had. Immigration is ridiculously expensive. But, I trusted the Lord, because He’s always been faithful. The Bible teaches that, when you sow anything, you will reap that exact thing. I gave the amount He instructed me to, in faith.

Waiting Expectantly in Faith

Then, the day before Štěpi flew out with her family, we were given more than twice what I gave. Nobody knew what I gave, and nobody knew how little money we had. We don’t tell people these things, because manipulation is gross. We just trusted God.

I had the hotel picked out and knew what I wanted to do that week ahead of time. All I needed was the cash. Once it came, I booked the room, and we did everything we wanted that week and had money left over. God describes Himself as the God of “more than enough.” It’s true. Life is good with Him; He makes everything enjoyable.

Now Our Story Truly Begins

Its pretty incredible how everything worked out, isn’t it? Yet, for all this, it’s just the beginning. The wedding day isn’t the finish line, it’s the start. I think we have the best love story, and I must say that I’m looking forward to seeing it become even better. Stay with us as we continue on! Part 5 might be the end of this series, but it’s not the last you’ll hear of us! In this Marriage and Family section, you will always get to see us living our lives together.

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