How To Get a Czech Woman to Love You, Part 2

Let’s continue my wife and I’s crazy love story now that you saw how we met in part 1. So many things had to happen just for us to meet, and we had to do so much to get and stay together, too. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s pick up where we left off: With me flying back to the US after we had met face to face for the first time.

Did you know it takes about 25 hours to travel from central Europe to here? That’s when you get good flights and no long layovers. And, by the way, the 25 hours does not include the time difference. I mean an actual 25 hours from leaving the hotel to arriving at my front door. Usually, you can do it in three flights, and if you’re lucky you’ll get just two. One flight over the Atlantic is about 8-11 hours, depending on the country you leave from. You might have a short flight before crossing the ocean, and probably a short flight after you get in the US (sometimes two). It’s quite the experience.

When I got home, I took a day to hibernate after all the travel. I didn’t sleep at all on any of the flights, so I was totally exhausted. The next day I called Štěpi, and we had the best time. We had been texting as I travelled, when I was in an airport. I was nervous to make the first call, partly because I was talking to someone new, but mostly because I knew I was going to ask her to date me.

We talked for a couple hours, and it was so easy to talk to her! Just like the first night we met. At the end of the call I told her I wanted to date her. I was simple and direct, telling her how I felt and what I wanted. She said yes! There was no hesitation from her, just a moment of her trying to get the words out as she tried to contain some of her excitement. I can’t remember being that excited about anything else at that point in my life. After that, things started moving fast.

Starting the Relationship

We had another call the next day (which is difficult, because there is a 7-hour time difference). On that call she told me she thought I was the one the Lord had for her to marry. Bold! I said I thought the same thing. So, we agreed to stay together.

The early days of our relationship, video calling every day. On this one, it’s morning for her, very late night for me.

When I woke up the next morning I had quite the text waiting for me. She had texted me that there was one thing she had to know for certain to stay with me. She wanted kids really bad, and it would be a deal breaker if I wouldn’t have at least a couple of kids. I told her yes, I would be willing to have 3 (she wanted more, I wanted less, so it was a good middle-ground).

So, I did basically the same thing to her after she was asleep (which was about 2:30 pm for me). I knew I was supposed to be in Oklahoma; I couldn’t move. So, if we stayed together, we’d have to be here. When she woke up to that text, she responded that she’s willing to move for me.

Wow! Can you imagine going that quick? We’re on day 3 of dating and have decided to get married, have 3 kids, and live in Oklahoma. And the craziest thing about it, at least for me, is how peaceful it all felt. It was exciting, but not in a nervous way. We both trusted the Lord, and if He set this up then it would all work out well.

For the next 3 months we had a video call every single day. We spent hours just talking and having a great time. I definitely had never talked to one person that much in that amount of time before. At the beginning, we had a hard time adjusting to the distance. With a 7-hour time difference, it was hard to talk much during the day. So, our sleep schedules were obliterated.

We both know the importance of sleep, but we couldn’t help ourselves. It’s not like we could make up for lost time with a couple hour drive to be together. Video calls were all we had. As hard as it was to be apart, I think it was actually really good for us.

Making a Good Foundation

See, talking was the only thing we had. We couldn’t go anywhere, do anything – just talk. Sometimes we would go on a walk “together,” but do you know what you do on a walk? You talk. So, that led us into many serious conversations. We talked about everything we could think of. We really, really got to know each other.

Now, having hard conversations isn’t actually hard. We had a ton of practice before we were ever physically around each other. Long distance is not for the faint of heart, but honestly, it’s probably the best way to start off for a long-term relationship to be successful. Plus, we both wanted to wait until we were married to be physically intimate, and it definitely made that part easier.

My First Time to Czechia

After 3 months of wishing we could be together, I finally was about to fly to Czechia to see her. Some time I will spend some time writing about that country for anyone that’s interested, so I’ll try to keep it brief here.

On January 19, 2023, I started my way from Tulsa, OK, to Kuřim, Czechia. Like I said, it’s about 25 hours to get there. That was the most exciting travel of my life! I once again had to fly to Vienna, Austria, and there she was waiting for me. I came out of baggage claim, and when she saw me, she called out to me and jumped up with her arms up. No one had ever been so excited to see me! It was the best feeling.

We had a long hug, and our first kiss (which was a bit wet from her crying, but that didn’t bother me), and then our first meal together. Every trip after that we got the same meal at the same place when I landed, enjoying that we were together again. After we ate, it was a 2-hour train ride to Brno, the second-biggest city in Czechia.

Arriving At Last

Finally, another 20-minute train ride to her small town, and a five minute walk to her house. We did walk around Brno a little first, though, because I wanted to see some of that beautiful city. When we got to her home, she showed me where I would be staying. When we were there alone, I told her how much I loved her, got down on one knee, and formally asked her to marry me. We had talked about getting married, but I had no opportunity to propose until then. It was great to finally, officially, be able to express to her my love.

Her family was kind enough to give me a place to stay, so I didn’t have to buy a hotel room for two weeks. We slept in separate rooms, of course, and spent our days walking around town or just laying around and enjoying that we were really in the same place. Those two weeks flew by, and it was time to come back to the US.

Her First Time to the US

She travelled with me, and I showed her how to navigate internationally. It was her first time coming to the US. When we finally landed in Tulsa, my parents and grandma were all waiting for us. It was quite late, so we went to sleep pretty soon after getting home. She stayed in my room, and I stayed with my grandma who lives nearby.

Her time in the US was a lot like my trip to her country. I showed her all my favorite things, took her to coffee shops and restaurants, and we went on lots of walks. We both love to walk, and I live outside of a town of only 2,000 people, on county roads with almost no traffic. That gives us lots of space to go for walks and enjoy nature.

One of our favorite places to walk near home.

Things couldn’t have gone better. We fit in with each others’ families so well, and the best fit of all was the two of us. After 3 months of distance dating we thought it would be awkward and take some adjustment, but it was so easy to be together. We were such a natural fit, but we couldn’t stay together. After 2 weeks it was time for her to go back home. Dropping her off at the airport was probably the hardest thing I had done so far.

Back to Being Apart

We dated like this for more than a year. Every day we would talk as much as we could on the phone, and when we just couldn’t handle being apart anymore we would travel to see each other. She actually spent quite a bit of time in the US. It made more sense for her to be here, since we were going to live here anyway, and she spoke English. I spoke no Czech, so being there was hard on me.

Fun fact: Czech is the second-hardest language to learn in the world. Learning has been maybe the most frustrating thing I’ve done, but I’m making progress slowly.

We were stuck in this cycle of being apart, coming back together, and getting torn apart again. The US has an abysmal immigration process, and this is why we couldn’t stay together longer. I will get more into that on a different post. It was hard, and painful, but we made the best of it.

Making the Best of It

We got better at setting a sustainable routine for each of us, even though it was always tempting to forget the routine and spend more time video chatting. We actually started our business, Hi Focus Life, while we in the middle of all this.

That was during one of her visits here, in August 2023. We had decided that we weren’t going to let the government take away our dreams on top of all the time and money they took from us. So, instead of waiting for a better time, we just started the business. Of course, she couldn’t do physical work in the US (that’s illegal without authorization), but she could do digital work on the business. LLC policy requires digital work for foreign owners, actually.

So, even though things were far from ideal, they could have been much worse. We saw each other more than most people in our situation could have, and we launched a business together. That’s a pretty good deal, all things considered. We were just waiting for our immigration department to finally move ahead with the process, and doing what we could to set up our future in the meantime.

Things Are About to Get Very Interesting

Things felt slow, but they were just about to go very fast again. We had hundreds of people praying for us and for our paperwork, and man, did it work. Check out part 3 to see the miraculous movement of our visa. It was hard for us to believe as we were living it, so get ready for quite the story as you read!

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