How to Be Productive: Use a Timeline Planner

Front cover of the Timeline Planner

Of Course You Want to Be Productive

We all have so many things pulling for our time. Our work, friends and family, church, clubs, sports, the gym – it’s so much to keep up with! If you don’t have a proper plan in place, you won’t be able to keep up with it all. This is especially true for those of us with constantly changing schedules. All my entrepeneurs, salesmen, teachers, and so many others know exactly what I mean. That’s why I use a timeline planner.

When every day is different, it’s impossible to keep it all in your head. Even when you write things down it can be hard to keep track of it all! Using a combination of digital and physical tools is the best way to keep up with each changing day.

Digital tools give you great planning capabilities when you’re working with others, such as Calendly or Google Calendar (I use both). These let you see into the future easily and move things around without having to rewrite in a physical calendar. Planning the specifics of today or tomorrow, though, is not practical. That’s where the physical tools come in.

Managing Your Time is Important

You know that it’s important to manage your time. How we use our time determines how successful we are in business, in relationships, and any other thing we do. Time is the only true resource we have, and it is limited. You can make more money and new friends, but spent time is gone.

That’s why you should be careful to spend it how you truly want. Don’t let your days happen on accident! Even if you get the things done that you want to, be sure you’ve properly prepared so that it’s done well and without stressing you to the point of breaking! Taking a few minutes each day to look ahead and plan every tiny detail of the day makes things go so smoothly.

Many People Struggle to Effectively Plan Each Day

For most people, planning the day is hard. I think just about everyone has had at least one planner at some point. Did it stick, though? Probably not. That’s because the planner wasn’t made for you. If it worked well for you then you’d still be using it, right?

I think most people have a hard time using planners because planners aren’t usually made to be used – they’re made to be sold. Companies sell you on the idea that planning is good, and they make very nice-looking planners, but they’re pretty much all the same. Is every person the same? No.

Day Planners Are Popular for a Good Reason

I think we all agree that the premise behind using a day planner is a good one. By using a planner, we can be more organized, see where time is wasted, get more done, and easily track the things we’ve been doing. It’s a good deal. I just think it’s time to switch to something more effective – something that gives the same desired results but with a much easier to use format.

Why Are There So Many Kinds of Planners?

Like I said, I think we all agree on the premise behind using a planner. That’s why there are so many of them! People have been stuck in a cycle of knowing they need a planner, buying one, trying it out for a few weeks (or maybe just days), getting frustrated, and quitting. Then eventually the need for a planner gets intense again, and it starts over. That’s because the planner wasn’t made for you!

My work day starts before most planner’s time blocks begin, and then in the evening there aren’t enough time blocks to put down non-work things I’m doing. Beside that, who has events that all last exactly an hour and start on the hour? Or even 30 minutes? It just doesn’t make sense, and there isn’t enough room to write in more times for what you have going on.

No wonder you’ve struggled to plan well! You tried, and because you couldn’t make it work with a popular planner, you assumed you’re bad at time management. I don’t think you are. I just think you have a product that wasn’t made specifically for you.

There is a Better Solution

So, if we all have these same problems, why isn’t there a good solution? I would say there are a few better options. Some planners have been gaining popularity lately as people come to realize what I’ve been saying – that normal planners just don’t work. There is one, however, that stands out among them all. There is no design like the Timeline Planner.

The Timeline Planner is Here for You

One page of the Timeline Planner

The Timeline Planner is the solution to the problems we all feel when using a planner, including:

  • A timeline instead of time blocks. No restrictions, and a visual display of your day.
  • Bound with discs at the top instead of the side. No more spine getting in your way while you write!
  • Top 3 goals for the day so you take care of what’s most important first.
  • A to-do list that can either serve as sub-goals for the top 3 or help you keep track of smaller items.
  • Plenty of space for notes, either to journal the day or write down details about upcoming events for the day.
  • Refillable, so you have lower lifetime costs.
  • Printed on premium linen paper for an awesome writing experience.

Find What You’ve Been Missing with the Timeline Planner

Front cover of the Timeline Planner

The Timeline Planner gives you everything you need. You have flexibility, a consistent template to work with, lots of space to be as detailed as you want, and a minimalist design that keeps the focus on you.

Made for Entrepeneurs, Salesmen, and Anyone Else with Changing Schedules

As entrepeneurs, my wife and I made this planner first for us. We love to use it, and it helps us immensely. This is the perfect planner for anyone who has an ever-changing schedule. We use the Timeline Planner for even the smallest details of the day. Doing this ensures we don’t wast time figuring out what to do next.

Hi Focus Life owners speaking in public

At the end of the day, we check for what events we have going on the next day. We each use our own planner, but we plan out the day together. We set what time we’ll wake up, what time we will go to sleep, and then start filling in the middle. I start with the top 3 goals, move to the to-do list, and finally fill in the timeline.

It takes at most 15 minutes for us to properly plan both our days in great detail, but usually less. Just a few minutes at the end of the day to save so much time constantly figuring out what to do next!

How I Like to Use the Timeline Planner

My top 3 goals are big things that will move me forward. I set one for the business (accomplish part of our biggest project), one for my body (do today’s exercise), and on for my spirit (read a set amount of my Bible). Then the to-do list has a mix of things for business and personal life that aren’t quite as big. Fix that weird-looking spot on the website, clean the kitchen, whatever we need. With all these things in my mind, it’s time to start filling the timeline.

I set exactly how much time I will be working on each thing on the list (because work will fill up however much time you say it will, so don’t give anything too much time). I set when I will take short breaks, when to eat lunch and dinner, when I will read – everything! If you don’t tell your time what you’ll do with it, you’ll wonder where it went.

It’s Easy to be Flexible

The top thing we had in mind when desining the Timeline Planner was flexibility. Each day is different for us, so we needed an easy way to adapt our schedule every day without losing track of what’s happening.

Fully Customizable

You can customize any part of the planner. The front cover, the space with “Hi Focus Life” on each page, the logo on the bottom left, the initials on the bottom right, the color of the discs, even the colors on the page. If you want to customize it in a way that is not shown on the product page, just email and we’ll get it set just how you want it!

One page of the Timeline Planner


It is easy to get your brand on the planner. Whether you’re a one-man-operation and want a professional look or you have a team that you want using your company’s custom gear, it’s simple to brand! We can replace our logo and name with yours everywhere you can see it. We can even add employee names (or yours) and/or initials if you want an extra touch of detail.


The pages are undated, so if you don’t use it every day or don’t buy it at the beginning of the year, then there are no wasted pages!


Discbound planners are extremely easy to refill. The pages come off without being damaged, and new ones are simply pressed into place. It takes just a minute or two to refill. We’ll add a video on that in the future.

Visually Unique

The discs and top binding, plus the style of the cover, all combine to give you a unique aesthetic that others will notice. You won’t find another planner quite like this!

Get Your Timeline Planner Today!

Doesn’t that sound like a great way to plan? It’s time to upgrade your planning experience and get more done than ever. Plus, as an unexpected perk, planning our day together really made my wife and I’s relationship better! Taking time to talk about how our day went and how we want the next one to go makes us feel close and connected. Wouldn’t you like to have that, too?

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If you’re ready for even more writing, check out the HFL linen journal! The perfect companion to the Timeline Planner. The pages are the same size, so if you order a planner then you add a linen journal refill and just mix some of the pages into your planner! Or order the whole journal to have two separate sets of discs. It’s up to you!

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